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The words Bachelor's Degrees at Community Colleges, Arizona joins 23 other sates that allow community colleges to offer baccalaureate degrees
MCCCD to develop baccalaureate degree programs in high-demand workforce areas
The words A Historic Moment for Arizona Higher Education in white text with green background and an image of a students graduation cap with a dark blue overlay
“The overwhelming support and passage of SB1453 today is a historical moment for Arizona’s higher education system.
Light blue background with right-aligned white text that reads Bachelor Degrees at Community Colleges with dark blue text underneath that reads Accessible Education: Everything You Need to Know About HB 2523 and a dark blue graduation cap and degree icon on the left
You may have heard about House Bill 2523 (HB 2523) in the news or on social media, and if you haven't, that's okay.
Image of a student throwing a graduation cap in the air with a sunset in the background and the words The Maricopa Community Colleges, build on high quality not high costs
The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), the largest community college system in the nation, is built on high quality — not high costs.