5 Smart Reasons to Attend Community College

Apr, 6 2022

Image of seven students sitting outside of a building on GCC campus

Many factors go into deciding where to pursue higher education. When considering a four-year university, private college, or trade school, be sure to consider community college options as well. As one of the largest community college systems in the nation, MCCCD offers the resources to help make your educational and professional goals a reality. Listed below are only a few of the outstanding perks Maricopa’s ten colleges offer.

1. Affordability
Maricopa Community Colleges provide an incredible value for the money! Tuition and fees are some of the most important decision-making factors when choosing a college. Our colleges are certainly an affordable choice at only $85 per credit hour, for in-county students. Out-of-state students residing in Arizona are also eligible for the $85 per credit hour tuition rate. There’s also a terrific $1,020 flat tuition rate for 12.5 – 21 credits. With scholarships and grants available, students can save even more.

2. World-Class Faculty and Staff
You’ll learn from and have access to faculty and instructors with real-world experience. Our Passionate professors, many of whom hold master’s and doctoral degrees, will teach you the most important skills for today’s ever-evolving workforce. All are excited to share their personal industry experience and keep up to date on advancements and trends in their fields to keep the curriculum relevant. Easy access to professionals in your field is an unmatched asset.

3. Career Boost
If you’re looking for a quick career boost, Maricopa Community Colleges offer unparalleled opportunities. You’ll find training and certifications for 95 percent of Arizona's most in-demand jobs. MCCCD partners with companies like Intel, Amazon, and Microsoft to create innovative programs for students to experience hands-on training while learning the most current, high-demand skills.

4. Flexible Schedules/Platforms
You can complete a degree or credential on your schedule with flexible learning options. Maricopa Community Colleges provide accessible education online or close to home that assists students with families, work, or other obligations as they complete their education. MCCCD colleges are strategically located across greater Phoenix, ensuring a campus is close to your residence.

5. Class Size
You’ll find smaller classes at Maricopa Community Colleges compared to a large university. Easier access to professors ensures quality learning and personal attention. You’ll also learn from a diverse student body in your classes, with varying ages, ethnicities, and real-world experiences, which will help enrich your classroom setting.

It’s clear that MCCCD makes it easy to discover your potential and work toward your academic and professional goals, whatever field you choose. You’ll find not only great value for your money, but quality programs, dedicated faculty, and convenient offerings to fit your lifestyle. Join our community and make it happen today!


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