Be Ballot Ready this Election Season

Sep, 10 2020


At the Maricopa County Community College District, it is part of our mission to promote civic responsibility. In fact, community colleges were created in this county, not only to provide accessible educational opportunities but also to provide “education for a fuller realization of democracy” (Truman Commission Report).  

Registering to vote and voting is a crucial element of a well-functioning democracy and is central to the very mission of our community college system.

There are as many reasons to vote:

  • Making your voice heard on an issue.
  • Improving your community.
  • Ensuring our democracy is more representative.
  • Setting a positive civic example for your peers as well as those who look up to you.
  • Honoring the many men and women who have fought throughout American history to establish and preserve this basic right.

Voting does matter.  Elections have consequences.  Make your voice be heard.

The general election takes place on November 3, 2020. Make your plan to vote now! A few other important dates to remember:

October 5, 2020, is the voter registration deadline. You can register online at

October 7, 2020, is the day ballots will be mailed. In Arizona, you can sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List and have the ballot mailed directly to your home. You also have the option of requesting a one-time ballot mailed to your home. Visit

October 7, 2020, is the day in-person voting becomes available at early voting sites. For a complete list of voting sites, visit  

October 24, 2020, weekend voting becomes available.

October 27, 2020, is the last recommended day to mail in your ballot.

Additional voting information can be found at and

Make your voting plan today!


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