Calculating Your Future: the Key Secret Weapon to Future Success

Feb, 8 2021

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What are you doing after you finish your certification or associate degree? Are you transferring? Are you going to get an internship or find a new job? Figuring out what comes next does not have to be scary. It should be exciting. 

Your educational journey is about making sense of what you want for your future and taking the steps necessary to get there. Although it can seem nerve-racking, the Maricopa Community Colleges have tools that can provide some guidance. 

Connect with Career Services. Careers services will support you in finding the right career path and making sure your education meets the needs of your career of choice. If you are still undecided about your future career choices, they can help you explore different program majors and the various career options for each. Those who know what career path they want, career services can help identify your skills, create a resume, start a job search, prepare for interviews, and connect you with job or internship opportunities.

Network with your professors. Always keep in mind that professors are experts in their field and are well connected. They can unlock a world of possibilities and provide you with mentorship, landing a job, and even letters of recommendation. If you establish a good relationship with them, they can share information about internships, hiring events, and direct contacts for students who have expressed interest and are qualified. 

Join clubs to network some more. The more contacts you have, the more opportunities you are creating for yourself. Clubs like Women Rising or the Male Empowerment Network provides learning and networking opportunities empowering students to succeed. Each college also has alumni offices that can help you get connected with alum in your field.

Ask for help. If you are unsure where to start, Academic Advisement is here to guide you in achieving your academic goals and connecting you with resources. 

Set SMART goals. Once you have the tools you need, create SMART goals for yourself to get there. The SMART method encourages you to go further, provides you with a sense of direction, and empowers you to design a realistic timeline to reach your goals. Writing down the specific steps to accomplish your goals also encourages you to stay organized. While you plan, always keep in mind that your goals and plans might change, which is absolutely fine.

  • Specific - Identify a clear goal. Think about how long it will take to finish your program and the things you need to get your dream job, such as references, great industry connections, etc.
  • Measurable - Set clear standards to define what counts as growth and success. For instance, networking with one new person every two weeks is an accessible action to take towards your future. 
  • Attainable - Your goal should have a high chance of success. It needs to be realistic and possible to accomplish. 
  • Relevant - The goal is vital for success. Make it specific to you.
  • Time-bound - Commit to a specific timeline. For example, it will take two years to finish my degree, and six months into my program, I will get an internship. 


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