Flex Start Classes: The Perfect Solution for Busy College Students

Jan, 19 2023

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For some college students, finding time to take classes can seem like a juggling act, especially when managing a busy schedule that includes jobs, extracurricular activities, family, friends, and other commitments. However, with Maricopa Community Colleges Flex Start classes, you can start when it’s convenient for you and your schedule! Here are some of the advantages of taking Flex Start classes.

Flexible Start Dates

One of the greatest benefits of taking a Flex Start class is that you can begin your Spring or Fall semester during a later start date. This is a great option for students who may need more time to save for tuition or work through determining their financial aid awards and scholarship funding.  By opting for a Flex Start class, you have more control over your schedule, allowing you to fit college into even the busiest lifestyles.

Shorter Terms

Another advantage of choosing Flex Start classes is that they are shorter than regular semester classes – typically, fourteen, twelve, and eight weeks instead of a full semester sixteen-week course. This means you can complete your coursework in a fraction of the time while still earning the same credit hours. For those looking to get ahead in their academic journey, Flex Start classes can be a great way to add an additional class to the semester and even help boost your GPA!

Live Online, Online, and Hybrid Options

In addition to being able to choose a later start date, with Flex Start, you also have the option of taking classes live online, online, or via hybrid learning modalities. Live online classes have sessions that meet online on specific days and times. If you have a busy schedule, online classes allow you to work virtually from anywhere without a set day and time and can make studying and completing coursework more convenient. Finally, hybrid classes combine both online and in-person learning so that you can benefit from both formats simultaneously. With hybrid courses, you’ll complete part of the course online on your schedule and the other half of the class in-person on the college campus at the specified time. 

All three options offer greater flexibility than traditional in-person classes, making them ideal choices for busy college students who are looking for convenience when it comes to their studies.  

Whether you’re looking to get ahead in an accelerated course, need a bit more time to decide what classes work best for you, or trying to ease your way back into college as an adult learner, Flex Start classes are a great choice for any college student. With shorter duration times than traditional semester courses and live online, online, and hybrid options available, Maricopa Community Colleges’ Flex Start classes give you the freedom to fit college into your educational goals. So, if you’re looking for an easier way to balance college with life outside of campus, consider enrolling in a Flex Start class today!

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