Micro-Credentials 101

Jul, 13 2021

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What are micro-credentials? 

Micro-credential programs are affordable, flexible, and short-term courses designed to help students earn credentials for specific skills or learning outcomes that allow them to earn industry-recognized certifications that can be utilized to:

  • advance knowledge and fill resume gaps.
  • Better understand particular topics or subjects.
  • Upskill and upgrade your education.
  • Transition into a new career.
  • Move ahead in your current career.
  • Improve your industry knowledge.
  • Stack your way toward a degree.
  • Get into the job market before graduation.

How do micro-credentials benefit a resume?

The modern job market is adapting to welcome any and all skilled workers, rather than requiring workers to have a specific kind of degree. Micro-certifications offer an accelerated path to reskilling or upskilling your resume, which helps specialize your skillset, make you a more competitive job applicant, and bridge emerging skill gaps. 

For example, Arizona currently has a demand for workers with Artificial Intelligence skills. That means employers are placing emphasis on skill sets instead of degrees and are seeking people with micro-credentials within artificial intelligence. 

What are the different types of micro-credentials? 

The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) offers various micro-certifications in:

Why are micro-credentials increasing in popularity? 

Higher education has shifted over the years but, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergence of micro-credentials has become a trending topic along with reskilling the workforce. Micro-certifications enhance our ability to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment that offers all students the opportunities necessary to succeed. Not to mention, they offer the utmost flexibility to learners because there is no experience or education required to learn job-ready skills that can be completed in six months or less.

To explore micro-credentials at MCCCD, visit https://info.maricopacorporate.com/micro-certs.

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