Top Tips to Finding a New Career Path After the Military

Jan, 20 2021

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After serving in the military, reentering the workforce can be intimidating for former service members and their families. According to data from the Military Transition, 48% of Veterans reported that transition from the military to civilian life was more difficult than expected. The veteran community's most common and prominent concern is leveraging experience obtained in the military to attain a stable career path that pays adequately. 

Although transitioning seems challenging, it doesn’t have to be. Here are the top tips and tools that can help discover the next career path.

Assess your Skills
Before taking on the job search aspect, it is crucial to discover what you want to do. Pipeline AZ for Vets offers an interest assessment that matches you with careers based on your interests. The assessment results will quickly show you how your passions and skills match with available career pathways, then connect you with the tools and resources you will need to get there.

Research Job and Career Results
Leverage the results from the interest assessment to make a fulfilling career choice. Explore the careers, industries, and education programs to understand the requirement to enter the field of your choice. Pipeline AZ for Vets allows you to learn more about the industry, provides salary information, job projection, expected job tasks, lists of skills and knowledge needed to apply, and more.

Prepare Yourself for the Application Process
Register to Pipeline AZ for Vets and obtain access to gain access to virtual events and resources that will help you build your resume, write a winning cover letter, practice for a successful job interview and send you job matches tailored for you. Access a career you love and optimize your chances of success today.

This article is created in partnership with the Maricopa County Community Colleges and Pipeline AZ to help military and veteran communities transition back to civilian life, connect and succeed. Funding for this initiative is made possible in part by the Maricopa County Community Colleges Foundation

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