World Car Free Day 2018 - Take the Challenge

Sep, 16 2018


On September 22, 2018 communities around the world will go without cars to remind us that we do not need to succumb to the strains of our car-dominated society. Cities with decreased vehicle usage have the potential for stronger human interactions and more community cohesion. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to take the challenge to refrain from using a car on Saturday, September 22nd. Share your car-free stories on social media with the hashtag #SustainMaricopa.

Moving away from the car-centric lifestyle shouldn’t be limited to World Car Free Day. It is up to us to work with our institutions and governments to establish lasting change for pedestrians, cyclists, and others who do not drive cars, especially those whose mobility is impeded by financial barriers and/or physical disabilities. Those with personal vehicles have the opportunity to reduce their driving time and therefore decrease the dominance of cars on the roads, supporting those for whom driving is not an option. An excellent tool to find alternate modes of transportation is ShareTheRide, a resource supported by Valley Metro.

Share The Ride

ShareTheRide is a dynamic platform designed to manage commutes and find alternate modes of transportation. Participants can easily find a carpool partner, check transit routes, find a biking buddy, and much more! Tracking trips allows users to see the positive impacts made by using an alternate mode of transportation. For instructions on creating a ShareTheRide account, click here. If you know others using alternate modes of transportation, encourage them to register on ShareTheRide as well.

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