Transfer Week Myths and Tips and an illustration of students
Interested in transferring your community college credits to finish a degree? Students sometimes have misconceptions about what it takes to transfer credits to a university. We’re here to help. Take some time to research the options and you’ll discover… Read More
Image of older female sitting at desk with laptop computer, and writing with a pen
The pursuit of education can be a lifelong endeavor. Thousands of continuing education experiences are offered each semester at Maricopa Community Colleges that provide personal enrichment for students of all ages. Educational opportunities range from… Read More
Image of a female construction worker how appears in focus with a male construction in the foreground
Working in the construction industry provides a chance for you to build things that matter to the people in your community. Whether it’s a road, a home, or a school, it’s an amazing feeling to use both your mind and your hands to conquer projects that… Read More
Image of four graduating students raising their caps in the air.
April is Community College Awareness Month, a time to recognize the importance of community colleges across the nation, the value they bring to their students, and their impact on the communities they serve. The Maricopa County Community College District… Read More
Image of seven students sitting outside of a building on GCC campus
Many factors go into deciding where to pursue higher education. When considering a four-year university, private college, or trade school, be sure to consider community college options as well. As one of the largest community college systems in the… Read More
Close up image of a computer chip with hands in blue gloves up close
The month of February is all about celebrating Career and Technical Education (CTE) and we are proud we have so many CTE programs to applaud. As the largest provider of workforce training in Arizona, our programs prepare students of all background to… Read More
Black and white image with a blue filter of a person welding
The Maricopa Community Colleges offer Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes that are part of comprehensive programs of study, providing students with the skills to enter the growing workforce. These CTE programs prepare students for careers with a… Read More
Woman studying in the library.
In this interview, Danyella Miranda sits down to talk to us and discuss everything from her favorite class to the struggles she has dealt with online learning during COVID-19, but what does a typical week look like for a full-time college student today?… Read More