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Venturing off to college is often an exciting time in any student's life. Whether you’re a first-generation or life-long learner re-entering the workforce, new learning environments and changes brought on by the pandemic can make college life and… Read More
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In March of 2020, Governor Doug Ducey signed an executive order announcing a state of emergency in Arizona. Schools and businesses across the state were ordered to close, causing drastic change throughout our communities. However, the Maricopa Community… Read More
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If you have been considering starting college or going back to school, we implore you to consider community college first. From tuition to the quality of education to hands-on training, there are hundreds of reasons. Here are the top 18 reasons to… Read More
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What are you doing after you finish your certification or associate degree? Are you transferring? Are you going to get an internship or find a new job? Figuring out what comes next does not have to be scary. It should be exciting.  Your educational… Read More
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Career and technical education (CTE) is specialized training in various trades to equip students with core academic, employability, technical, and job-specific skills. CTE prepares students to fill industry demands, reduce talent shortages, and… Read More
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In the military, service members gain an immense amount of skills, achievements, and knowledge to make them excellent candidates for any organization. The most significant task military members have in their military to civilian transition is securing a… Read More
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After serving in the military, reentering the workforce can be intimidating for former service members and their families. According to data from the Military Transition, 48% of Veterans reported that transition from the military to civilian life was… Read More
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As you gear up to start the Spring semester, now is a great time to elevate your mindset and change the way you think. The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to create new hurdles and change how we live, think, and learn. Fortunately, you can train your… Read More