Chandler-Gilbert Community College Sociology Professor Sharon Yee Elected to Serve on American Sociological Association Committee

Mar, 29 2018


Chandler-Gilbert Community College Sociology Professor Sharon Yee is acting as Committee Council Member for the Race, Class, and Gender Section in the American Sociological Association (ASA). She is also serving on the membership committee for the Section of Teaching and Learning. Yee is the only community college representative on these elected committees. She was appointed these prestigious roles in late 2017.

“The purpose of the Section on Race, Gender, and Class is to support research, teaching and practice that examines the interactive effects of race, gender, and class phenomena, and a curriculum which underscores the centrality of race, gender, and class in society and in sociological analysis,” according to the ASA website.  

The Section on Teaching and Learning “provides a professional outlet for improving the teaching of sociology from the high school through graduate level. It encourages and facilitates innovative and effective pedagogy and research.”

As a committee council member in both sections, Yee represents Maricopa Community Colleges in the discipline of Sociology and brings her knowledge and connections back to the District and our students.

We wish Yee the best of luck and cannot wait to hear more about all of her exciting projects.


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