The Chronicle of Higher Education Features PC’s Robin Ozz

Oct, 1 2017


Robin Ozz serves in a number of roles. She is the Director of Developmental Education and Innovation at Phoenix College, where she also acts as English faculty, and has been the President of the National Association for Developmental Education since March 2016. On March 5th,  Ozz was interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education – a weekly, nationwide news source for faculty members, administrators, and students at colleges and universities – as a  source on student support outside the classroom in the feature, “Building Remedial Ed’s Support Structure.”

Image removed.The article focuses on students whose personal situations and nonacademic factors may interfere with their college goals, and the student support services many two-year colleges have in place. The article begins with a scenario at Phoenix College in which a student seeks assistance from a peer mentor because a pressing family issue has hampered his school performance. The article goes on to discuss the support services, such as peer mentoring, mandatory tutoring, lessons in financial literacy and time management, and access to food panties, textbook subsidies and bus passes, that support students with multiple stressors that threaten degree or certificate completion.

Ozz speaks to the common issue of such services being overlooked or disregarded by the very students who may need them. Some solutions to that problem include advisers seeking students before a class is dropped – a practice called “intrusive advising” -, but realistically, resources cannot always meet the need. "It’s always the push and pull of resources versus best practices," says Ozz in the article.

The Phoenix College peer-mentorship program under Ozz’s directon is part of why this campus has one of the most outcome-focused developmental education programs in not only the Maricopa Community Colleges system, but the country.

Congratulations to Robin Ozz on her recent recognition.

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