Clinical Requirement Information

Aug, 27 2021

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“Due to misinformation surrounding current Maricopa County Community College District health and safety policies, the District would like to shed light on the facts surrounding these issues, contractual agreements with healthcare providers, and other truths surrounding the Governors recent Executive Order.

MCCCD places the health and safety of our students, employees, faculty, and our community above all else.  We understand and respect the position and frustration our students have expressed regarding concerns over the COVID vaccine requirement for clinical placements. Our System has partnership agreements with various healthcare providers. As part of these contractual agreements, it is made clear that we are required to follow our partner's policies and procedures.  These agreements establish health and safety measures designed to protect the patients they serve as well as the legal right to require students to receive the vaccine.  Furthermore, the Governor’s Executive Order 2021-15, codified in Arizona Revised Statute 15-1650.05 states: “Students participating in clinical settings at a healthcare institution licensed under A.R.S. Title 36 which includes hospitals, nursing care institutions, residential care institutions, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF-IID), group homes, or other medical facilities may be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccinations and subject to regular health screenings and testing as determined by the healthcare institution." 

As a result of the Governor’s Executive Order and partnership agreements with these MCCCD healthcare providers,  MCCCD cannot change its requirements for graduation or unilaterally exempt students from or remove academic or experiential components that are part of an approved program of study. As such, the various specialty areas that are required for nurse education (clinical experiences) are outlined by accreditation and/or state or national certification or licensure boards. Maintaining the integrity of the programs we offer and having our students graduate from accredited programs provides them with the greatest opportunity for gainful employment and success.  This is of vital importance to the District, its Governing Board, and to our community.

We will continue to communicate with students who have requested religious and disability accommodations. Our processes for accommodation concerning the COVID vaccine and healthcare students have not changed from what we have historically provided to all students and will continue to provide moving forward. Our clinical partners have established their own procedures for reviewing and granting accommodations as well as rules for allowing healthcare providers, including our students, access to their patients and facilities. MCCCD will continue to work with our clinical partners and accrediting bodies to try to resolve appropriate requests. MCCCD is proud of the measures we have implemented during this pandemic and will continue following these procedures to keep those in our community safe and healthy.”

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