MCCCD Commemorates Opening of Junior Achievement of Arizona BizTown® Storefront

Mar, 3 2023

Acting Vice Chancellor & Provost of Academic & Student Affairs Bettina Celis, Governing Board President Marie Sullivan, Junior Achievement Students, Scottsdale Community College President Dr. Eric Leshinskie, Junior Achievement of Arizona President Katherine Kemmeries Cecala pictured with District Staff, Cam Huynh, Quincy Reams, and Julie Stiak

On March 2, 2023, the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Junior Achievement of Arizona to commemorate the official opening of the Maricopa Community Colleges BizTown® storefront.

“We are excited to be part of the Junior Achievement of Arizona BizTown hands-on experience and help elementary school students across Arizona gain invaluable insight into higher education choices at an early age,” said Scottsdale Community College President, Dr. Eric Leshinskie. “Introducing younger students to the Junior Achievement of Arizona BizTown familiarizes them with potential career opportunities. The Maricopa Community Colleges interactive Pathway to a Degree hopscotch game introduces students to our nine Fields of Interest and the higher education paths needed to accomplish their career goals.”

The Junior Achievement of Arizona BizTown is an interactive learning experience giving fourth through sixth-grade students opportunities to run their own businesses. The program teaches essential financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship skills.

MCCCD has a 3-year commitment with Junior Achievement of Arizona. As the only higher education institution in BizTown, approximately 25,000 students from 300 schools will experience the MCCCD storefront each school year.

“We hope students leave BizTown knowing they have access to the endless possibilities and opportunities a Maricopa Community College degree can provide,” said MCCCD Governing Board President Marie Sullivan. “We look forward to welcoming these elementary school students in the near future as college students, where they can explore a number of degree and certificate options, including our forthcoming bachelor’s degrees to prepare for their continued educational experience.”

MCCCD’s innovative storefront design showcases the diverse fields of study available at Maricopa Community Colleges and enhances learning by encouraging student exploration. The interactive “Pathway to a Degree” hopscotch game board allows students to quickly determine their Field of Interest and corresponding career path offered at Maricopa Community Colleges by simply choosing one out of nine options in a fun and casual setting. 

During the BizTown experience, the College President and College Faculty are tasked with sharing the Pathway to a Degree game with ten students. Potential college-bound students are guided on their journey to become familiar with higher education, such as picking a major, applying for college, meeting with an advisor, enrolling in classes, paying for tuition, studying, tutoring, and graduating. Upon completing the Pathway to a Degree game, students graduate from Maricopa Community Colleges and receive a degree they can take home.

Watch the hands-on learning experience come to life in our video.

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