MCCCD Empowers Communities with Unrivaled Academic Opportunities

Apr, 4 2022

Man wearing a blue hoodie and backpack smiles as he is being handed a ticket.

The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) is proud to celebrate Community College Awareness Month in April, highlighting the importance of community college on local economies and the communities they serve. 

“Community colleges are the backbone of the nation, offering affordability, access and options to traditionally underserved students from all walks of life who want to pursue higher education,” said Interim Chancellor, Dr. Steven R. Gonzales. “Without community colleges, millions of students would go without the necessary skills to contribute to the workforce and fill in-demand jobs. I am proud to work at an institution that acts as one of the largest providers of these opportunities in the nation, establishing our role as Arizona’s workforce solution and a pipeline to our state’s universities and industries.”

Community colleges are the unsung heroes of higher education, offering exceptional opportunities for students while facing taboos and stereotypes about the value and quality of learning. According to ThinkImpact, 12.4 million students are enrolled in community colleges across the nation, with community college students who decide to attend a two-year college instead of a four-year institution saving upwards of about $30,000 in potential student debt.

At MCCCD, we offer students a competitive education; renowned partnerships with industry leaders including Intel, Microsoft, and Apple; more than 600 available programs impacting every business, trade, and community; and $7.2 billion in local economic impact. We are the middle-skills solution for Arizonans - also known as jobs that require more than a high-school but less than a four-year degree, which make up the largest part of America and Arizona’s labor market at 50 percent. Approximately 90 percent of MCCCD students stay in Maricopa County after exiting the system, which further bolsters the economic output of our state.

Watch to learn more from MCCCD students and faculty about the experience of attending our community colleges.

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