MCCCD Statement in Response to Gov. Ducey's FY 2021 Budget Proposal

Jan, 17 2020


"Today, Governor Doug Ducey released his FY 2021 Budget proposal to the Legislature that includes an $11.1 million investment to fund the Community College STEM and Workforce formula.

We appreciate the Governor's understanding and recognition of our strong community colleges and our ability to produce a STEM-ready and teacher workforce. For the first time since 2013, the Governor is recommending full funding for the STEM workforce formula. He also recognizes the unique role our community colleges play in helping hundreds of professionals re-career into teaching through our post baccalaureate programs as part of the Arizona Teachers Academy. 

The Maricopa Community College workforce and teacher programs will benefit Arizonans and employers in every corner of the state. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Governor and Legislature to strengthen our community by providing the education, training, and skills needed to thrive in tomorrow’s economy." 

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