Salt River Project Challenges Mesa Community College Students to Make Clothing Out of Shade Screens

Mar, 29 2018


Mesa Community College (MCC) Fashion Merchandising and Design students accepted a challenge presented by the Salt River Project (SRP) to create clothing out of shade screens. The students hit the runway to showcase their creations at the ‘Get Some Shade Fashion Show’ on March 20, 2018.

Participating students took mesh shade screens – the material found on the outside of a home window – to design and craft 30 unique pieces. All pieces were made with at least 50 percent of shade screen material.

“The material we are using is somewhat difficult to work with because it’s heavy and designed to stand up to the hot sun and weather conditions,” Evonne Bowling, Program Director of Fashion Merchandising at MCC, said in a SRP press release. “Sewing by machine is slow due to the weight and some students had to sew by hand to hold the stiff material together, but it has been a rewarding challenge for MCC fashion students. The flat material has come to life as a hat, dresses and even street wear.”

Maricopa Community Colleges is proud of its innovative Fashion Merchandising and Design students and their willingness to challenge themselves in extraordinary ways.


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