South Mountain Community College Faculty Dr. Cate McNamara Wins Grant to Showcase the Democracy Wall Project Across the Valley

Mar, 14 2018


South Mountain Community College Professor of Information Studies Dr. Cate McNamara received a grant of nearly $10,000 for the Democracy Wall Project. This project, funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Library Services and Technology Act, is designed to be a conversation starter about challenging and emerging community issues.

For the purpose of the project, whiteboards have been hung throughout the Phoenix Public Library system. On the whiteboards is a bi-weekly question that people of all ages and backgrounds can consider. Library patrons are encouraged to submit responses that are then collected, analyzed, and provided to the City of Phoenix public administrators for review. This creates a collaboration of leader and citizen input to find solutions. Opportunities for informed engagement are also constructed.

Dr. McNamara has been the principal investigator of  the Democracy Wall Project since 2014. This grant has provided her the opportunity to expand this experiment into 11 additional libraries.

You can discover and participate in this project at the following branches until the end of May 2018:

  • Acacia Ironwood
  • Agave Mesquite
  • Cholla Ocotillo
  • Desert Broom Palo Verde
  • Desert Sage Saguaro
  • Harmon South Mountain

For more information, contact Dr. Cate McNamara at or 602-243-8192.

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