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Congratulations to the Maricopa Community Colleges 2018 Creative Writing Competition winners!


An Arizona native, Holly Vera is the oldest of three children in a family who celebrates their Mexican culture. In the first grade, Vera was sent to live with her grandparents in Mexico City with the express purpose of learning Spanish.

District Police Officer Donald “Jay" Gilbreth was recognized and presented the department's Lifesaving Award by the Chancellor at the November 20 Governing Board Meeting.

On Friday, August 17, District Police Officer Donald “Jay" Gilbreth was in his personal vehicle on the way to work, when he witnessed a multiple vehicle crash on the 101 Freeway. Officer Gilbreth was wearing his department uniform when he stopped to offer assistance.

A bystander informed him that the driver of one of the vehicles was not breathing. Officer Gilbreth had to make entry into the vehicle through the passenger side, due to damage on the driver's side of the vehicle. He verified that the driver was unresponsive and not breathing. Officer Gilbreth then initiated chest compressions, which eventually restored the driver's breathing. Officer Gilbreth had to perform chest compressions more than once as the driver stopped breathing again.

He remained in the vehicle caring for the driver until paramedics arrived. The driver survived and was transported to the hospital for his injuries. His family credits Officer Gilbreth with saving his life. Pictured above right -- Officer Gilbreth and the man whose life he saved.

We salute Officer Gilbreth for performing the heroic act of CPR, a critical link in the chain of survival. Officer Gilbreth has distinguished himself as an outstanding and courageous member of our District and our community because of his swift action in the line of duty to save a life within the community we serve.

Through the heroic efforts of Officer Gilbreth, the injured man has survived and is recovering today. We are exceptionally fortunate to have an officer as part of our campus community who exhibits such courage and professional acumen.